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Carrol Sonnie Adamant She Does Not Regret Breaking Up With Mulamwah

Carol Muthoni alias Carrol Sonnie is relieved after dumping her baby daddy comedian Mulamwah.

Sonnie has spoken about ending her relationship with the comedian, saying she has never regretted her choice.

During a Q&A session on Instagram, a fan asked Sonie: “Do you still regret ending things with the father of your kid?”

In response, he seemed surprised by the question, saying: “STILL???? I never said I regret babes.”

The comments from Sonie come amid rumors that Mulamwah is currently dating Ruth K, his ‘bestie’.

Mulamwah and Sonnie publicly announced their breakup in December 2021.

The comedian revealed he broke up with Sonnie when she was just three months pregnant but chose to wait until the birth of their child to make the breakup public.

The two were blessed with a baby Keilah Oyando in September 2021, by that time they had already broken up.

Both Mulamwah and Sonnie moved on and started dating again months after their breakup.





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