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Baba Talisha, Brian Chira’s Grandmother Fight Over Ksh 8 Million Raised By Fans

“Waliitisha 5 million na mimi nikakataa. TikTok msiseme mlipatia 8 million. Mlichanga pesa na ikaenda kwa madeni!” Brian Chira’s grandma exposes Baba Talisha.

A heated online argument has erupted between Baba Talisha, a popular TikTok content creator, and Brian Chira’s grandmother over the management of KSh 8 million raised for Brian’s funeral expenses.

Baba Talisha, who led the fundraising efforts, recently revealed details about the funds during a livestream on TikTok.

During the livestream, Baba Talisha disclosed that out of the total amount raised, KSh 1.2 million had been utilized, while the remaining funds were still intact. He took proactive measures to maintain transparency by providing bank statements from Equity Bank and M-Pesa, ensuring accountability to his fans who contributed to the cause.

Baba Talisha’s actions were in line with his promise to showcase how the funds were utilized, fulfilling his commitment to transparency and accountability. However, despite his efforts, tensions escalated when Brian Chira’s grandmother expressed dissatisfaction with the handling of the funds.

“Nilikuwa nimebakisha balance ya KSh 1 million na nilikuwa nipeleke Friday but nikagonjeka. Wanjiku ndiye alikuwa akiwithdraw pesa. Aliniusi (I had a balance of KSh 1 million remaining to send on Friday, but I fell ill. Wanjiku was the one withdrawing the money, and she insulted me,” she says.

The grandmother accused Baba Talisha and his alleged partner, Brenda Wanjiku, of taking complete control over the situation. She described an incident where Wanjiku confiscated her phone, only returning it several days after Chira’s burial.

“It was like I had been blindfolded,” she lamented. “They took my phone away, and people who tried to reach me couldn’t get through. It felt like they were being ignored.”

The clash reveals the importance of clear communication and collaboration in managing charitable contributions effectively. MAMBO IMECHEMKA SHOSHO AMETOA YOTE #fyp #nairobian_hot_tea #tiktok ♬ original sound – Nairobian


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