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“Usikubali Niende Beb” Faith Ngina’s Boyfriend Narrates Events Leading To Her Untimely Death

Faith Ngina and her boyfriend Newton met in January, and since then they developed a bond that was inseparable.

The lovebirds would meet on a daily basis despite efforts by Faith’s parents to separate them.

Faith, who had just concluded high school, was turning 19 on May 12, before her untimely death that came after allegedly being punished by her step dad, because of her relationship with Newton.

Newton, in an interview with Tuko, has however shared events leading to her death.

Newton admits that he was Faith’s first love and she had gotten attached to him so much, especially because of the challenges she was going through at home.

“On Tuesday, she came at my place very early at 7.30 am. This was very unusual. I asked her why she came that early and she said that she wants us to talk,” she said.

Faith told Newton that her parents wanted to bring a pastor to pray for her and also take her to a Mathare mental hospital as she had refused to end their relationship despite all their efforts.

“I told her to relax, her parents were just threatening her. After she went home, we talked at 1pm. In the evening, she called me with a different number at around 7.15 pm telling me to go to her it’s an emergency.

“It was raining, I got my friend’s motorbike and went to her at around 9pm. I found her lying on the grass outside the church’s gate which is near their home. She was sleeping and was full of mud. She had been beaten a lot as she was unable to walk well and get on her motorbike,” Newton recounted.

Faith declined to be taken to the hospital and instead, they went to Newton’s place where he stays with his grandma.

“Her hair was full of cow dung so I washed her hair and feet. She had also removed the dirty clothes and wore my clothes. We spent the night well and the following day she woke up well,” Newton said.

On Wednesday morning, Faith asked Newton to promise her that she would never return home. They stayed the whole day but at night at 8pm, Faith’s father knocked at their door demanding Faith to go home with him.

“While she was dressing up, her father slapped her such that she fell on the ground. I told her father that he wouldn’t punish her in my house. Faith came and held me from the back saying ‘Usikubali niende beb.’ She went saying that,” Newton narrated.

Her father had come with another man who was carrying a coffee stem. The man pulled Faith and they left, although she was not willing to go.

“I told faith to go home with her father and we would communicate the following day,” he shared.

The following morning(Thursday), he received information about Faith’s death through a friend who informed him that police officers were at Faith’s home.

“I was so shocked. I went home but before I reached home, I met with  the police car and it stopped at Faith’s home. That is when I believed that she was no more.

“What I know they came for Faith when she was okay. The story changed after they had left.  What  I fail to understand is why the day Faith died, her mother left at 4 am. She escaped. I hear that she went Faith’s younger sister. When she came back, she didn’t come back with,” he said.

According to Newton, Faith had headaches from time to time and she had previously undergone surgery




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