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Kennedy Rapudo Deletes Amber Ray’s Photos And Shares Confusing Message

Kennedy Rapudo says, “Sometimes holding on, does more damage than letting go.”

Amber Ray has been dating Ken for a while and they actually announced that they were expecting a child. The two sweethearts also shared couple goals of having one happy blended family with a cute photo with their kids from previous relationships.

Via social media, cracks in their paradise have began to show or it could also be a clout chase situation to attract attention and conversation around them, both options remain open for now.

In the beginning Ken wasn’t comfortable having his private life on the internet for everyone to follow and discuss, he said in a Q and A session a while back that it was a big change.

“The first phase was very difficult because I was a private person.

I did not have people snooping in my life. It caused me a lot of mental anguish because people mostly focus on the negative.

I have learned to grow thick skin. I told people not to forward or tell me anything they hear about me.”

Ken also said that he had grown thick skin from trolls for being associated with Amber Ray.

The beautiful socialite and business woman has an army of naysayers who have accused her many times for breaking Amira’s marriage with Jimal Roho Safi.

They also feel she changes men more often, which is not a good trait for a wife material.

Looks like Ken has faced it all in the little time they’ve been together.

“The more you pay attention to the critics the more it distracts you. I have learned to live my own life,” he said.

Ken’s cryptic message could mean there is trouble brewing in his home.

Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo

He says, “Sometimes holding on, does more damage than letting go.”

A close check on his social media pages reveals he’s deleted photos of him with Amber Ray that were posted recently


kennedy rapudo

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