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“Aki Ni Karembo!” Tizian Savage Captures Pastor Kanyari’s Heart With His Handsome Looks

“Aki I love this man. Haka kakijana ni karembo, kahandsome. Hata mimi nitasuka nywele kama yeye!” Pastor Kanyari confesses his adoration for Tizian Savage.

The admiration between TikTok sensation Tizian Savage and Pastor Kanyari has sparked mixed reactions among netizens, leaving many surprised and intrigued. The renowned pastor recently showered Tizian with praise, acknowledging his handsome appearance and hard work.

Pastor Kanyari, known for his controversial past, surprised many when he openly expressed his admiration for Tizian, a former boda boda rider turned social media influencer. Their interaction unfolded during a TikTok live session, where Pastor Kanyari gifted Tizian KSh 50,000 and commended his journey to success.

Despite facing criticism from some Kenyans branding him a con artist, Pastor Kanyari defended himself, emphasizing his perseverance and dedication. During their live session, Tizian requested the pastor’s prayers, expressing concern over his gifts being “stolen.”

In a recent TikTok live session, Pastor Kanyari expressed his excitement after receiving a gift of 500 coins, equivalent to KSh 1,000, from Tizian. He lavished praise upon the TikTok star, describing him as “beautiful and handsome,” even joking about copying Tizian’s hairstyle.

The pastor also admired Tizian’s hard work, applauding his transition from a boda boda rider to a successful individual who now owns a car. He even playfully suggested that he might consider riding a motorcycle himself, inspired by Tizian’s achievements.

Their unlikely friendship and mutual respect have captivated many, showcasing the power of social media to bring people from different walks of life together.

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