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Sharon Otieno Murder Trial Postponed Again As Suspect Loses Wife And Children

The court has postponed the hearing of Sharon Otieno’s murder to May 6, 2024.

This is after the third accused person in the case Caspal Obiero failed to appear in court for the trial that was scheduled for the whole of this week.

The court was informed that Obiero was unable to attend court proceedings because he had lost his family members.

Obiero lost his his wife and children in an accident in March and they were yet to be buried. According to his legal representatives, he was currently handling funeral arrangements.

“The accident happened in March and the reason as to why they are burying the two people in May is because of finances issues and also the Luo culture which have pre and post rituals to be performed especially when you lose a wife,” the lawyers informed the court.

Their plea was not opposed by other accused persons as well as the prosecution and the court granted their wish.

“Having heard from Caspal Obiero lawyer and other sides I allow the application as prayed and vacate the hearing dates and I also convey my sympathy to the accused I direct that hearing resumes on 6th May at 9:30 and that the accused be present,” the court ruled.

A heavily pregnant Sharon was brutally murdered in September 2018. Former Migori governor Okoth Obado, his assistant Micahel Oyamo and Clerk Obiero are the main suspects in the murder.


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