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Baba Talisha Responds To Allegations That He Squandered Late Chira’s Money

“Aki pesa ya matanga ndio inafanya mpelekane kotini?” Baba Talisha says he’ll never help anyone again after the late Brian Chira accused him of controlling 8 Million that was raised by Chira’s fans for his burial and also to take care of his grandma.

A dispute has arisen between Baba Talisha, a well-known TikTok personality, and Brian Chira’s grandmother concerning the management of funds raised for Brian’s funeral expenses. The controversy unfolded after Baba Talisha, who spearheaded the fundraising efforts, addressed the issue during a live stream on TikTok.

Baba Talisha clarified that a portion of the raised KSh 8 million had been used, with KSh 1.2 million spent, and the rest remaining untouched. To uphold transparency, he shared bank statements from Equity Bank and M-Pesa, aiming to assure donors of accountability for their contributions.

Tensions escalated when Brian Chira’s grandmother accused Baba Talisha of mishandling the funds. In response, Baba Talisha expressed frustration, stating that he felt unfairly targeted. He emphasized that he had diligently managed the funds and had no intention of withholding or misusing them.

Baba Talisha revealed his disappointment with the situation, stating that he would refrain from extending help in the future. He cited the accusations leveled against him by Brian Chira before his passing as particularly hurtful, leading him to reconsider his involvement in charitable endeavors.

The online argument exposed the challenges of managing large sums of money raised through crowdfunding platforms, especially in emotionally charged situations like funeral expenses.

Despite Baba Talisha’s efforts to maintain transparency, misunderstandings and disputes have arisen, leaving him with few options but to handle things legally in court.


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