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Fagia Kwako! Pascal Tokodi Slams Netizen Claiming His Birthday Message To Grace Ekirapa Is Dry

Reports that Pascal Tokodi and Grace Ekirapa had split up and that they were living separately emerged in late January this year.

The couple allegedly split up in November 2023 and Pascal moved back to Karen while Grace remained at their Limuru home with their daughter.

According to the informant who spoke to Nairobi News, some of the factors that led to the split was that Pascal was straining to sustain their lavish lifestyle.

“Ever since he married Grace, she has always had an issue with Pascal’s friends. I was one of the friends who cut links with them; we just started talking the other day, and a majority of people he used to associate with as well. She even didn’t want him to do the King Kaka collabo, arguing that they were exploiting him,” the source claimed.

The couple have since remained mum on the matter  with Pascal maintaining that they were okay, while Grace on the other hand said that it was a matter between them that she wouldn’t discuss with a third party.

Despite the allegations surrounding their marriage, the couple have maintained a professional relationship for the brands they are working for.

Notably, they have been sharing promotional videos together, with their previous family times missing on their timelines.

Further adding confusion to the subject, Pascal has chose to celebrate Grace as she turns a year older.

“I knew you’d be an incredible mom Mama AJ and you keep on being one every single day, you gave me the best gift I’ve ever gotten and I’ll be forever grateful…., thank you Mama……thank you for being such an incredible parent to our child 🙌❤️🫂
Happy birthday @graceekirapa,” he said.

His post was accompanied by a photo of Grace alongside their daughter.

A netizen however claimed that the birthday wishes were dry.

“Wish iko dry bana kwani mliachana ya ukweli?”  she said.

“Fagia kwako nani,” Pascal told her off.

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