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Stephen Letoo Reveals Condition That Will See Him Resign As Chair Of Men’s Conference

Stephen Letoo has been under pressure to resign as the chairman of Men’s Conference.

Letoo landed the position in February 2023, after garnering 10, 023 votes. He  was crowned the chairman after trouncing COTU boss Francis Atwoli, whose settled for 9,087 votes

“Mr Stephen Letoo is officially our chairman. The social media and media presence and campaigns appear to work to his advantage,” Albert Kochei, the national convenor of the event announced.

However, after his public wedding that was held on  on Saturday April 20, at the Ole Ntimama stadium, there have been calls for him to surrender the position. The calls have also been fuelled by the fact that Letoo only married one woman despite advocating for polygamy.

In an interview with a local media outlet, Letoo has however said that he would gladly attend the next Men’s Conference.

“All those yapping on social media will be suspended with immediate effect. You cannot attack the chairman, yet you did not turn up for the Ole Ntimama Stadium event,” he said.

“It’s true, I’m 100 per cent polygamous. At the moment, I haven’t decided where to stop; I keep adding,” he separately said.

The Citizen TV senior political reporter, in a separate interview also noted that there was more to the Men’ Conference.

“There’s more to the Men’s Conference than just polygamy,” he said.

Aside from that, Letoo has also responded to pressure resign, issuing one condition for him to step down.

“I SHALL only resign if i see ALL my members protesting on the Streets against my continued stay in office…!!” he wrote on Facebook.



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