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Diamond Confirms He Has Been Dumped By Zuchu

“Nahitaji sana maombi yenu, huruma na ukaribu wenu kipindi hiki cha ujane wangu,” heartbroken Diamond said.

Diamond Platnumz has confirmed the previous announcement of his artiste Zuchu that they are no longer lovers.

In his statement on Friday evening, the WCB boss informed his fans that he is now single as his girlfriend Zuchu has officially left him.

Diamond continued to ask for support and prayers from his millions of fans hinting that the next stage of his life without a partner will not be easy.

“Basi bwana wadau, ndio kama Mlivyosikia Matikiti Yamenidondokea
.hivyo nahitaji sana Maombi Yenu, Huruma na Ukaribu wenu kipindi hiki cha Ujane wangu, ili walau kupata nguvu na faraja kwenye Kipindi Hiki Kigumu😭😭😭,” Diamond Platnumz wrote on Instagram.


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Zuchu announced end of her romantic relationship with Diamond hours after video of the Wasafi boss holding hands with his baby mama Zari Hassan went viral on social media.

The ‘Sukari’ hit maker however noted that Diamond continues to be her business partner even though he ceases being her lover.

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