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“Sijawahimuelewa” Willy Paul Reveals Cause Of His Beef With Diamond

A few years back, Willy Paul was to collaborate with Diamond, but their project never saw the light of the day.

According to Willy Paul, Diamond and his managers tasked him with coming up with two songs so that they would settle on one.

Willy Paul duly completed the task and submitted the songs for review but Diamond failed to do his part

“I don’t know what happened. In the meeting, he was so cool, he was so okay. I have never understood Diamond because before Harmonize left Wasafi and before Rayvanny’s contract ended, I did songs with the artists but he never promoted the songs, it is not a must, but they are his artists and he used to promote other people’s songs, other Kenyan artists when they collaborate with his artists he posts,” he said in an interview.

Willy Paul admitted that Diamond was his idol and he even used to perform in gospel events with his beats.

He however says that their collaboration was not successful because a Kenyan artists might have incited against him, claiming that he was rude. Apparently, the person informed Diamond that Willy Paul had claimed he should be the one to look for him at his Saldido studios in Nairobi.

“There is day, he might have gotten wrong information, there is a time Wasafi wanted to host me for an interview and I also  wanted to have a chat with Diamond, but the interview never happened.

“He said he was disappointed and it was like I had looked down upon him or Wasafi. I wanted to work with him that time, but there is a person who caused a fire some where,” the Saldido boss said.

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