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Lovestruck Pastor Kanyari Loses Focus In Church After Woman He Met On TikTok Attends His Service

In a surprise encounter, Pastor Victor Kanyari of Salvation Healing Ministry was thrilled to recognize a woman from TikTok during a recent church service.

The video, captured by Shifu TV, shows Pastor Kanyari enthusiastically inviting the woman to come forward and greeting her with a beaming smile.

“Mama, you are very beautiful. Wow, thank you. Are you from TikTok? Oh, look at this lady! Come and greet me. Oh, Jesus! Such people can’t be found on TV. Look at how beautiful she is.”

The pastor then warmly welcomed her to sit in a preferred spot in the church, saying “Welcome, mama, sit here, not there. Please sit here na upewe soda.”

In another sermon, Pastor Kanyari expressed his doubts about TikTok, despite being active on the platform himself.

With a mix of humor and seriousness, he warned his followers against using the platform.

“TikTok has words, don’t enter there,” he said amidst laughter from his audience.

“I don’t want to see you there, you stay there on TV. Don’t enter there, there’s madness there, your Mathare madness is there. All the madness in the world is on TikTok. I hear things there I’ve never heard elsewhere since I was born, but I endure.”

While advising against the use of TikTok among his church members, Pastor Kanyari defended his own presence on the platform, stating that his aim is not to chase monetary gain but to connect with the youth.

The encounter has sparked a lively discussion on the role of social media in modern society and the importance of balancing online presence with spiritual values.

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