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King Kaka Breaks Silence On Allegations That His Wife Relocated To Europe After Break Up

Rapper King Kaka has dispelled claims of his wife Nana Owiti relocating overseas with their children.

The reports that their marriage had come to an end emerged on Monday. Others however thought that the rapper faked the supposed break up, in a bid to promote his upcoming film, Monkey Business, that is set to premier on May 17.

In a video, King Kaka has however denied clout chasing allegations as well as claims that Nana is now living abroad.

“Listen guys, I don’t clout chase, sana sana when it comes to family. Neither does Nana. That is not my style. I know people get excited when it comes to content creation everyone wants to say things atudanganye now the whole country has picked up your fake story ati kwamba kuna death certificate watoi wako America,” the rapper said.

King Kaka added that his wife Nana is in the country as well as their children who are currently attending school.

“Leo hata tumepiga story in the morning, mimi nashangaa hizo story sijui zimetoka wapi. Let’s be mindful let’s know they are so many people involved saa zile tunacreate hizi stories,” he said.

He added that, “In spirit of content creation let’s be respectful, let’s be mindful. Let’s create content but tusiharibu kitu mzuri. Sio mbaya, let’s create content, it is a big business but tusidisrepect others.”

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