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“I’m Alive And Well” Kamene Goro Shuts Claims Of Being Involved In Accident

Kamene Goro has been forced to shut down claims of being involved in an accident.

In a post she shared on Instagram, the media personality confirmed to her fans that she was alive and well.

She further vowed to pursue the person responsible for the false and alarming news legally.

“My loves, I’m alive and very well, I haven’t been in any accident. And to the person circulating this false and alarming news, the law will deal with you accordingly. Tupatane hewani my loves” she said.

She however did not provide details about the fake news or the person responsible.

Kamene Goro has fallen victim of false reports multiple times, with the most recurring being suspicions that she was pregnant.

Just a month ago, rumours swirled around social media that she was finally expecting her first child, a year after marrying the love of her life DJ Bonez. The suspicions emerged due to her walking style as she attended her birthday party.

She however dispelled the claims saying that she had undergone a knee surgery.

“Remember in January I had surgery on my knee… I haven’t walked in the long… I started to try walking without my crutches… It’s been such a difficult recovery honestly,”the NRG radio presenter said.

She has refuted the reports that began during her  April 2023 wedding, multiple times.

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