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Nyako Sparks Controversy After The Death Of Ohangla Dancer Sheila Odoyo

Nyako believes the death of popular Ohangla dancer Sheila Wegesha Odoyo could have been averted if she was not a party animal.

In a recent live session on TikTok, Nyako ignited a contentious discussion with her advice aimed at married women.

Expressing concern over the tragic outcome of Nairobi-based Sheila Odoyo’s murder, who was known for her active nightlife with her spouse, Nyako cautioned against similar activities for married couples.

With a clear message urging married women to prioritize their marital homes over clubbing excursions, Nyako emphasized the importance of maintaining a settled lifestyle within marriage for peace and longevity.

“Stay at home. If you are married, stay at home. You should not be going to the club to dance around with men. Dancing helter-skelter in cluds will end tragically,” Nyako said.

She highlighted the struggle many young married women face in balancing their single lifestyle with the responsibilities of marriage, warning of potential tragic consequences.

“Slay queen, if you decide to get married stay at home. Make TikTok your best friend, leave your man to go for his crazy errands, there is no way a man and a woman can rave in a club together and it ends well, no way,” Nyako added.

Nyako’s advice to “stay at home” and avoid clubbing with husbands has stirred debate on social media platforms. While some support her perspective, others question the practicality and fairness of such expectations on married women’s behavior.

Her blunt assertion that clubbing with spouses inevitably ends tragically has sparked varied reactions, with some applauding her candor while others criticize her for oversimplifying complex relationship dynamics.

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