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Natamani Mimba! Nadia Mukami Asks Arrow Bwoy For Baby Number 2 

Nadia Mukami and her partner Arrow Bwoy could have baby number two as soon as next year of the former’s wish is anything to go by.

In an interview, Nadia shared her thoughts on motherhood, which has become a more enjoyable experience for her.

“Nowadays, it feels good. You’re like, ‘Ah, I’m still in this,’ she said with a laugh. “I saw some pregnant ladies and I was like, ‘They look so cute.’ I miss this year’s experience,” Nadia said.

The couple, who already have a 2-year-old son named Kai, also discussed their plans for expanding their family.

While Nadia remained coy about the possibility of having another child, she hinted that it might happen in the next one or two years.

Baby number 2?…hmmmmaiee, weeh,” she said.

Adding that; “Mtoto saa hii? No, but maybe in the next two or one years.”

However, she emphasized that her focus is currently on completing several projects before making a decision.

Arrow Bwoy, who joined in the conversation, playfully teased Nadia about the possibility of another child, joking about the symptoms she might experience during pregnancy.

However, Nadia shut him down, stressing that she is not pregnant and that his comments would lead people to think otherwise.

The celebration was organized by Nadia’s foundation, Lola, and Safari, which Arrow Bwoy praised for being a vital part of their lives. He hailed Nadia as the most hardworking mother and wife he knows.

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