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“Kuku Ni Sita” Strange Offer Kimani Mbugua’s Father Received To Heal His Son

Kimani Mbugua’s father has revealed that his son’s bipolar disorder started when his drink was spiked with cocaine during his birthday bash in February 2020.

His continued use of weed, despite doctor’s warning further accelerated the situation, and he has been making worrying outbursts online.

Kimani’s father says that many people have reached out to him  with various solutions to his son’s problem.

The first call he received was from a witchdoctor from Mombasa.

“In 2020/2021, I received a lot of calls, the first call was from Mombasa. ‘Naomba hivi ndugu yangu, kuku ni sita mtoto awe sawa.’ I didn’t rebuke him, I talked like an elder, my faith has never allowed me to think outside God in heaven,”he told Obinna.

Kimani’s father however denied claims that his son was bewitched.

“This is a boy from his mother’s womb. I used to play with him when he was in his mother’s womb, I have taken him to school, until he is now a grown up, he was spiked with a white substance, and he is now on weed, I told God I will stand firm with my son before you and I have seen prayers being answered,” he said.

He vowed to fight the battle with prayers as he trusts that doctors will rescue the former journalist.

He also admitted that before he understood that Kimani had a metal disorder, in 2020, he punshed him severely after he defecated in his bedroom.

“Kimani screamed and neighbours came. It was like I had also developed another bipolar. Later on, I was also tested for bipolar because of my anger. From that day, I withdraw anything cold anger tantrum,” he said.

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