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Simwagi Ndani Tena! Phil Karanja Vows Not To Sire Another Child Again After Breakup With Kate Actress  

Philip Karanja aka Phil Director is considering getting a vasectomy to avoid impregnating another woman.

The 37-year-old father of one admitted that he doesn’t want another child while speaking during an interview with Abel Mutua, Newson, and Njugush on Judy Nyawira’s YouTube channel.

Phil recounted his experience being a father to his step-son Leon and his biological daughter Njeri who he shares with his ex-wife Catherina Kamau aka Kate Actress.

“I’ve been a father of the last 8 years, one to a teenage son and a four-year-old girl,” he shared.

Adding; “My introduction to fatherhood was a bit earlier, I was feeling unequipped, I did a course on fatherhood, and preparing to be a father. When Njeri came, I had this overwhelming, overpowering feeling of love. I would be willing to die for this little thing and to date it’s still he same. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do.”

Phil noted that he does not want to sire another child after seeing his ex-wife going through the process of giving birth to their daughter at at MP Shah hospital.

“I was asleep and at 4 am, she was like my water broke. First of all, I was confused but luckily we were prepped. We waited for her BFF to come. I remember I always wanted this child to come at night, time yenye hakuna jam.

“I was there in the delivery room. I cried when I saw our baby, around 10-11 am. I don’t think there are people who are strong like women. I saw the entire process vile Njeri came I said I am never getting another lady pregnant ever again, juu why would I put someone’s daughter through that? again, heh, that thing,” he narrated.

Phil added that the trauma of watching Kate Actress give birth to their daughter made him develop cold feet about ever impregnanting another woman.

“Nope, I am not putting any human being through this again, coz it’s life and death,” he said.

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