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Ringtone Explains Why At His Age He Still Doesn’t Have Kids

Ringtone is very cagey about his dating life though he maintains that he doesn’t any any kids.

Speaking during a recent interview, Ringtone said he is spoiled for choice when it comes to picking up a woman to date.

He said that his DMs are full of messages from female fans, both local and foreign.

The controversial musician added that he wants to have seven children in the future. He also said that the woman who marries him will be rewarded with seven gifts for the seven times she brings a child into the world.

Ringtone, however, noted that at the moment he is still apprehensive about having kids, fearing that they may go through the hardships he went through while growing up.

“Yes, I’m afraid, I’m very afraid of bringing children into the world who will go through hardships like mine, and I’m very afraid,” Ringtone said.

Even though Ringtone claims he doesn’t have any kids, the singer had been caught up in baby mama dramas before.

In 2019, Ringtone was exposed by his alleged baby mama Angel Nyambura for being a deadbeat dad to their alleged daughter.

According to the baby mama, Ringtone had been riding on the narrative that he did not sire the baby and subsequently ignoring his fatherly responsibilities to his daughter.

The baby mama took to social media to recount the near hell experience Ringtone took her through.



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