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Dr. Ofweneke Catches Feelings After Stoopid Boy Cancelled On Him Last Minute

True definition ya “ka hufiki bei si must” Netizens support Stoopid Boy for demanding payment from Dr. Ofweneke.

Comedian and TV host, Dr. Ofweneke is catching feelings after Gbag Na Jug Hit maker Stoopid Boy canceled their scheduled TV interview at the last minute.

Stoopid Boy allegedly wanted payment to appear on the show.

Dr. Ofweneke expressed his disappointment over the abrupt cancellation. “We were all set to have Stoopid Boy on the show, but he canceled at the last minute, asking to be paid to show up,” Dr. Ofweneke lamented.

The sudden turn of events caught Dr. Ofweneke off guard, leaving him feeling exposed and caught up in his feelings.

He had been looking forward to the interview and had made preparations accordingly. However, Stoopid Boy’s demand for payment threw a spanner in the works.

Despite the setback, Dr. Ofweneke maintained his composure and professionalism.

He was openly angered by Stoopid Boy’s decision, and promised he would be open to revisiting it in the future if circumstances change.


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