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Mwalimu Rachel’s Message To Stevo  Amid Wrangles With His Former Manager

Rapper Stevo Simple was forced to begin afresh on social media after his immediate former manager Chingi Boy refused to release his social media accounts.

To let go of the accounts, Chingi Boy wants to be paid Kshs150,000, saying that he spend the amount of money to get them from Stevo’s previous manager.

While announcing his new accounts, Stevo admitted that getting the accounts had proved impossible.

“Please note that any social media accounts bearing the names Stivo Simple Boy or Stevo Simple Boy8 are no longer in my control. Any activity on those platforms claiming to be represent me is impersonation and will be dealt with according to the law,” he told fans.

Mwalimu Rachel, who previously managed Sailors Gang, has however commented on the rappers tribulations, saying he should have a discussion with the former manager

“I am just hearing this story right now as you cans see the whole morning I have been attending the launch. I honestly can’t comment on something I doin’t have full information about but wasikizane, yeye na management wakae chini wasikizane, having been a manager previously myself, I understand  sometimes it may appear that platforms are owned by the artist but really it is the manager who did the work to open to put content there,” she explained.

She further told Stevo to release music and stop engaging in Sideshows.

“I just want him to make music, this sideshows na vitu kama hizo is taking a lot of time and energy ambayo haifai,” Mwalimu Rachel said.

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