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“This Generation Is Messed Up” Zari Hopes Her Sons Wouldn’t End Up Dating Fellow Men

With the rise  of same gender romantic relationships, socialite Zari Hassan has taken the initiative to talk to her sons about the subject

She delved into the matter while addressing her son who was going out with friends for his birthday date.

Zari wanted to know if her son Quincy was heading out with female friends, saying that she would be happy to hear that.

According to her the current generation is messed up when it comes to relationships, and she wouldn’t want her sons to get themselves in the mess.

“I would rather hear you say that you are going out with girls not my friends. You know this generation is messed up. Wanna see you going out with girls, I don’t mind you people dating out with many girls

“Go and see girls am happy coz the next thing am gonna be shocked somebody is dating a boy. Go see girls as many as you want I am happy about I am okay with it,” she said

She went on to encourage him to find women who are pretty and smart like her.

“Make sure they are pretty like me, they are gonna age like me, beautiful like me, smart like me hardworking like me,” Zari said.

The post however attracted mixed reactions from a section of netizens with some commending her for having a mother-son real talk.

Others were however of diverse opinion.

“You forgot to tell him one more thing, it is okay to see girls but he should also play safe,” read one comment.

Another netizen wrote, “What if he is going to see a boy, are you gonna hate him?”

“He is an adult, don’t ask him such questions,” an Instagram user commented.

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