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“Mzae Aliibwa Kwa Mortuary” Manzi Wa Kibera Speaks After Missing Her Elderly Man’s Burial

Manzi wa Kibera visited the grave of Samuel Nzuki days after his burial, to place flowers on it.

After the moment, she spoke with YouTubers, lamenting about being sidelined in the burial plans, after having issues with her manager.

“I am sad that Mzee Nzuki was buried in my absence yet I was part of the burial arrangements but I had issued with my management that forced me to opt out. The management was the one communicating with Nzuki’s family,” she told Vloggers.

According to her, she thought that the elderly man would be buried this weekend or latest on Monday. She only found out about the burial through her cousin.

“Mzae hata tuseme hakuzikwa, Mzae aliibwa mortuary. Walisneak out na body yake wakakuja wakamzika because within an hour everything was done. I am not happy with the way Nzukio has been buried in secrecy. There was nothing wrong, we hadn’t refused to pay the mortuary bills but why did they still him form the mortuary and buried him in an hour?” she questioned.

In a video, Manzi wa Kibera’s estranged manager Chali wa Kibera, however revealed that Manzi wa Kibera and him were not invited  to the funeral.

“I just want to inform you that Mzee Nzuki was buried today at Lang’ata Cemetery. There was no media presence because the family didn’t want media attention. They just wanted to give him a decent sendoff off cameras.

“Manzi wa Kibera and I were not invited and I totally understand. They must have thought we would go there with the press. We will find our own time to go and visit the grave. This they agreed,” he explained.

Earlier on, Manzi wa Kibera also came clean on dating Mzae, saying that it was just content. Accxording to her, Nzuki was was not rich as it had been portrayed in their videos anmd he used to pay him and even his rent.

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