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“Hawanitaki!” King Kalala Now Wants Arranged Marriages Returned

King Kalala seems to be facing a tough time finding true love and a man to settle down with.

After a bitter breakup last year, she’s still suffering with the heartache. She now wishes for the return of arranged marriages, a tradition from the past where parents would match-make and enforce unions between their children.

King Kalala shared her heartbreak on NRG Radio. She recounted how her relationship ended abruptly because her partner was discontented when reminded of their humble beginnings. This experience left her deeply wounded.

The pain of the breakup took a heavy toll on King Kalala. She confessed to crying for three months, neglecting basic self-care like bathing and eating.

Trapped in her own home, she would spend days on end lying in bed or on the living room floor, consumed by sorrow. Even simple tasks like eating became a challenge, with food being brought to her by a concerned friend.

Living together before the breakup added to her pain and stress. As her partner moved out, she found herself alone in their shared home, haunted by memories and struggling to move on.

Still hoping to settle down and have kids, Kalala is asking for the return of arranged marriages to rescue her from single-hood.


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