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“Nimewaachia Mziki Wao” Harmonize Threatens To Quit Music For Boxing

Harmonize is considering leaving the music industry for boxing

According to him, the decision has been influenced by the fact that the music industry is filled with so much hatred, hence denying him peace.

“Even with the hard work and my sincere contribution towards music, the hatred is too much. I am leaving their music.”

“Let me focus on beating Mwakinyo so that I can change my profession. There is so much hatred. Maybe I will find peace. I know I can do it God help me,” he said.

This revelation comes just days after exchanging words with his former boss, whom he accused of taking so much credit for his success in music.

Harmonize said that the trend was annoying.

Also after his altercation with Diamond, Harmonize and Zuchu were involved in a fight online, after he mocked her over her relationship drama.

Zuchu however blasted him for poking his nose on matters that don’t concern him, yet he has not hits.

“Kibonge, stop it, @harmonize_tz. You have no hit in town; all you do is gossip. You know nothing, let me show you. Harmonize, the grown man, stop poking your nose into matters that don’t concern you. Your woman is busy seeking attention from the one you pretend to be half of. Stop the nonsense,” the Tanzanian songbird lashed at him

Meanwhile, Harmonzie is set to face Mwakinyo, a Tanzanian professional boxer, in a boxing match. He challenged the boxer so that they could bring to an end their fight. This is after they were involved in an altercation in a gym.

“I thought Mwakinyo was only vocal on social media. However when I entered the gym, he started attacking me verbally. What pissed me off off were his insults towards my parents. Just like any human being, I couldn’t just stand there,” he said.

The bongo singer also said that he is participating in the fight so that he can raise money for people with cancer and special needs.

“I know everyone is excited for the fight but for me it is free money. At least I can use it to save people’s lives,” Harmonize said.

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