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Cashy Celebrates Son’s 5th Birthday As Khaligraph Snubs Him 

Cashy Karimi and her baby daddy Khaligraph Jones have been locked in a bitter brawl over the welfare of their son Xolani for a long time.

The mother of one publicly blasted Khaligraph multiple times for being a deadbeat dad to their son.

Cashy on Thursday, September 7, 2023, took to social media to celebrate her son turning five.

“Xolani @ 5! 🎂 Happy birthday to our very special baby boy.
May you always shine ✨💙 I love you!!! We love you!!! #birthdayboy 🎉,” Cashy wrote.

Even as Cashy celebrated her son’s birthday, Khaligraph did not post anything.

Khaligraph dragged Cashy to court after she went public with the challenges she had been going through raising her son Xolani as a single parent.

The mother of one had on numerous occasions publicly blasted Khaligraph for being a deadbeat dad to their son.

Cashy lamented that Khaligraph was not concerned about Xolani’s welfare at all, claiming the rapper didn’t even know where his son stayed or what he ate.

Khaligraph ultimately filed a suit in court against Cashy in February 2022 at the Milimani Magistrate’s Court.

In his suit, the rapper sought a court order to stop Cashy from publishing details of the minor and he also sought to have the court grant him custody of the child.

However, on November 18, 2022, Cashy took to social media to reveal that she had won the case.

“The weapons that formed against us did not prosper. The whole year they tried to take my baby from me, but God has delivered justice for Xolani when it seemed impossible. They tried to deny his presence and his rights, but God is faithful,” Cashy wrote.

“They dismissed, discouraged, threatened, insulted and labelled me. Didi the most to humiliate and intimidate me but who is God?” She added.

Cashy further lamented that the case Khalkigraph filed against her cost her work opportunities, friendships, and relationships and nearly made her go mad.

She is however happy that the court ruling ‘humbled’ Khaligraph.

“It cost me work opportunities, music, friendships and relationships, time, weight and nearly my sanity because I believed from the start my boy deserves love and care. God has proven him worth it and humbled the big man in court. A true testimony. God is faithful,” Cashy wrote.


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