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“Nishawahikuwa Mganga” Comedian Terence Creative Confesses

Comedian Terence Creative has revealed that the struggles of trying to make ends meet in the capital city saw him  resolve to become a witchdoctor.

The funny man shared his old photos and in one of them, he was dressed like a traditional witchdoctor,  and he was holding a razor blade.

“Nairobi imenionyesha mambo nishawahi hata kuwa mganga,” he said.

He however did not provide details about that time of his life but his revelations left his followers talking.

Some laughed as others wanted to know more about that and how many clients he had.

Terence recently opened up about his mental health struggles,  revealing that he was facing anxiety, depression and pressure.

“Thank you so so much for the flowers, this keeps me moving, especially at a time like this where I’m struggling with my emotions and depression, pressure, and anxiety. Fear of the unknown, and over-expectation are trying to have their way in me,” he stated after Rev. Lucy Natasha revealed that she loves his content.

In a separate interview, further delved in to the subject he is not depressed per say but just overwhelmed because of the many things that need his attention.

“I am not depressed it is only that most of the time I get overwhelmed since last year December. I am a family person, I am a business person, there are so many things that are really overwhelming, I have things that I run in the background, charity and I receive messages, it has really been bothering me, over 300 messages, Kenyans are depressed,” he said.

According to him, most men undergoing such situations don’t want to speak up.

“Mine was to show people that you are not alone in that situation, whatever you are going through depressed, anxiety, we also go through that,” Terence said.

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