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Kujiamini! King Kaka Wins Kshs1.2 Million After Placing Bet With Over Kshs500K

On Wednesday night, rapper King Kaka slept 1.2million richer after placing a bet in the match between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.

In his predictions, he was sure that Real Madrid would defeat Bayern.

His stake was USDT 5000, which is about Kshs650,000.

“Another 500USDT tonight, Real Madrid Vs Bayern Munich. Fingers crossed,” he said, while sharing a video.

He later shared an update after the end of the game, revealing that he had won.

“9,600USDT, Thank you Real Madrid,” he said.

Real Madrid defeated Bayern by scoring 2 goals again 1.

The win has however left fans with comments with some wanting to know the betting site that he was using.

“Sportsbet,” he responded to one of them.

King Kaka also revealed that he was tensed when Bayern scored their goal.

“Najua vile Bayern walifunga ulipanic,” a fan told him and he responded saying, ” Ata nilitoka nikaenda zangu.”

Other netizens however hoped that he would share with them the money he won.

“Nieke za ngumu, sijakul for 39 day,” one said as another wrote, ” Nitumie za kabej Kaka.”

This however shows that he would be lucky this year as he recently turned 37 years old.

“A very happy birthday to a significant person who shares in the joy of our beautiful family. May your day be filled with love, laughter, and blessings @thekingkaka,” his wife Nana Owiti celebrated him.

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