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Terence Creative Parades 17 Netizens Who Body Shame His Wife Milly Chebby

“Sijawai ona bully mali safi, wote hukaa matomoko!” “It is always the people below you. Look at them looking like rejected offerings!” Netizens side with Terence Creative.

Terence Creative stood up against online bullies who targeted his wife, Milly, with hurtful comments about her appearance. In a brave move, he shared a reel containing faces of the men and women, who are part of the negativity that often circulates on social media platforms about his wife.

Milly has unfortunately been the target of body shaming comments from anonymous netizens. These comments range from suggesting she should lose weight to advising her to hit the gym, among other hurtful remarks.

Such comments can deeply affect a person’s self-esteem and mental well-being, regardless of their public status.

Terence Creative’s decision to publicly shame these online bullies reveals the rampant cyberbullying and body shaming culture that exists online. Many people feel entitled to say hurtful things to celebrities and public figures under the guise of anonymity, forgetting that their words can have real and lasting consequences.

Body shaming, in any form, is unacceptable and reflects poorly on the individuals perpetrating such behavior.

“Hizi ndio baadhi ya picha za watu wanabody shame my beautiful wife Milly Chebby na kumpa fashion advice and beauty tips. Wow you guys are just wonderful and we wish you all the best in this hard times,tutatoboa pamoja,nimewasamehe na Mungu awabariki.” Terence wrote.


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