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Karen Nyamu Speaks Out On Samidoh’s Reconciliation With Eddy Nderitu

Karen Nyamu recently addressed a fan’s comment about her silence following Samidoh’s reunion with his first wife, Eddy Nderitu.

Taking to Facebook, Karen Nyamu shared a post about the significance of faith in overcoming challenges.

“Alafu hii Maisha pia inataka tu kujituma na kuwa na Imani strong, ju bila Imani huwezi take zile risks zitakujenga badaye,” Karen Nyamu posted.

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One of her followers remarked on her noticeable silence since Samidoh and Eddy Nderitu’s reconciliation, hinting that the situation may have impacted her happiness.

“Umetulia sana mamaaa kutoka Sami arudie Bibi ake. Lookn good,” Peshy Lopez told Karen Nyamu.

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In response, Karen Nyamu decided to clarify her stance on the matter. She stated that she had always been transparent about Samidoh’s relationship with Eddy Nderitu, asserting that they had not separated, contrary to popular belief.

Karen expressed amusement at the lack of trust in her words, emphasizing that she had consistently maintained the truth about their relationship.

She expressed confidence that in due time, Kenyans would come to realize that she had never deceived them regarding the situation.

“Peshy Lopez si niliwaambia hawakua wamewachana karibu mnimeze siku moja mtakuja kujua I never lie,” Karen Nyamo responded.

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