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Manzi Wa Kibera Storms Out of Oga Obinna Show Amidst Dispute Over Dem wa Facebook Remarks

In a riveting turn of events on live television, tensions reached a boiling point as Manzi Wa Kibera abruptly exited Oga Obinna’s show following a fiery exchange over her comments about Dem wa Facebook.

During a heated interview, Manzi Wa Kibera subtly criticized Dem wa Facebook, suggesting she was more of a socialite than a comedian. Oga Obinna quickly intervened, emphasizing the need to acknowledge Dem wa Facebook’s talents and not diminish her contributions.

The confrontation escalated when Manzi Wa Kibera took aim at Dem wa Facebook’s fashion sense, insinuating that she should reconsider her style choices. Oga Obinna, disapproving of the negative tone, made it clear he was not interested in perpetuating any disparaging remarks about their colleagues, setting the stage for a clash.

As tensions mounted, Manzi Wa Kibera questioned Oga Obinna’s motives behind the interview, eliciting a sharp response from the host. The atmosphere grew increasingly strained, with Manzi Wa Kibera continuing to critique Dem wa Facebook, prompting Oga Obinna to dub her “delusional.”

The breaking point came when Oga Obinna’s remark visibly incensed Manzi Wa Kibera, prompting her to stand up and exit the interview in a dramatic fashion, leaving viewers stunned.

In the aftermath of the episode, Oga Obinna expressed disappointment over the turn of events, stating, “I had hoped for a respectful discussion, but it’s unfortunate that things took a sour turn. We need to promote unity and positivity within our industry.”

Meanwhile, Manzi Wa Kibera defended her actions, asserting, “I stand by my opinions, and I won’t be part of a conversation that I believe lacks integrity. I have a right to speak my mind.”

As the fallout reverberates through social media, the incident serves as a reminder of the volatile nature of live TV and the importance of maintaining professionalism in media interactions. The impact of this clash on the entertainment industry remains to be seen as the controversy continues to unfold.


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