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“Hii Imeenda!” Shock As Hottie Mary Biketi Shares Cute Photos With Ex-Governor Oparanya

“Hata paka mzee hukunywa maziwa!” “Can’t men just stay loyal to one woman?” Netizens ask as Oparanya is married to two wives yet Mary Biketi seems to be marking her territory.

Former Governor of Kakamega, Wycliffe Oparanya, has sparked curiosity among netizens with recent photos alongside Mary Biketi, a 31-year-old beauty. The images, reminiscent of couple photoshoots, have left many wondering about the nature of their relationship.

Mary Biketi is known for her work in the beauty industry and is said to reside in Kileleshwa. The shared photos depict moments where the two appear affectionate, prompting speculation about a possible romantic involvement, despite Oparanya’s previous declarations.

In the past, Oparanya has openly discussed his marital status, asserting that he has two wives, Priscilla and Caroline. He adamantly dismissed rumors of being married to multiple women, stating, “There is no vacancy for another wife.” Despite occasional temptations, he claimed to have closed that chapter of his life.

However, Mary Biketi’s recent social media post, featuring a cute video and intimate photos of her and Oparanya, has ignited fresh speculation. The pair seem oblivious to any potential backlash, appearing deeply enamored with each other.

While some may view the photos as harmless moments captured between friends or colleagues, others interpret them as suggestive of a romantic connection. Netizens have been abuzz with theories and opinions, with many eagerly awaiting clarification from the individuals involved.

In a world where social media often blurs the lines between public and private life, the sharing of such images inevitably invites scrutiny and speculation. Whether the relationship between Oparanya and Mary Biketi is purely platonic or hints at something more remains to be seen, but for now, the photos continue to fuel curiosity and conversation online.


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