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“Niliwaokolea Hadi Wakabuy Gari” Manzi wa Kibera Insists She Made Mungai Eve And Trevor Successful

Manzi wa Kibera has once again taken credit for the success of Mungai Eve and her former boyfriend Trevor, in digital content creation.

During an interview with Oga Obinna, Manzi wa Kibera denied claims that Eve and Trevor had a hand in her success, saying it was the other way round.

“Nilidisrepect nani? Waliokolea nani Mimi hakuna kitu walinipatia. Ni mimi niliwaokolea had wakabuy gari. Mimi ndio niliwasaidia. Walikuwa wanaishi huko Thika Road kwa one bedroom. Walikuja na jina yangu mpaka wakaishi Kileleshwa wakadrive.

“Hakuna mtu alinisaidia mimi ndio nimesaidia watu kwa hii industry,” she said.

She further denied claims of hiring a sub-standard house in Kibera so that she could win people’s sympathy and monetary favours through contributions.

“I live in Kibera. Can I invite you and you come to the same house? I have the keys here.” she challenged Obinna.

Eve and Trevor featured Manzi wa Kibera on their YouTube account in 2021, but after they discovered that the impoverished conditions that the socialite was living in had all been stage-managed, they desisted from associating with her, prompting her to call them out.

Addressing why they refused to do more interviews with Manzi wa Kibera, they labeled her a liar.

“The first time we went there, and showed the environment that Manzi wa Kibera was living in she invited us, but after that, you never saw us with Manzi wa Kibera,, why? There is a reason, if I know someone is cunning and a liar, I will avoid them because I don’t want my brand to be associated with lies,” Trevor said then.

Eve on the other hand rubbished claims that Manzi wa Kibera had helped them achieve numbers on YouTube because of her ‘Famous and Broke’ story.

“After we did the house tour, later they told me that she wants to go to Germany but the person who was facilitating her travel had paid her ticket and place to stay but not the passport. I was like aje? The story was not making sense. I declined to cover the story and they reached out to Kioko.

“If I would have just done her videos and go to sleep I wouldn’t be here. Si videos zake zimejaa kwa channel yangu. They are less than 20,” Eve said.


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