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“Life Will Still Move On!” Baba Talisha Tells Off Those Responsible For The Banning Of His TikTok Account

Content Creator and Photographer Faustine Lipuku alias Baba Talisha has lost his TikTok account shortly after celebrating a milestone of reaching 1 million followers.

It is not clear why the account was banned but at the time of suspension, it had garnered 42.4 million likes.

“Life inasonga mbele,” the disappointed content creator said, updating his Instagram fans of the development

“Walireport account overnight I guess ikafungwa. I have just opened a new account incase you want to follow it you can follow it,” he further said in a separate video on his other TikTok account.

Baba Talisha also noted that this was not the first time he was suffering such a loss as he encountered the same with YouTube before..

“Others get banned at 10 million followers. It doesn’t wipe the favor. Before I came on TikTok, I had a YouTube channel which was hacked. Did my life going as it should have? No. I still continued with life, I recovered it and now it is verified. Ukidhani umenieka chini juu umereport account yangu it will not stop anything. My pay roll at Bonfire Adventures will still remain also in this other companies that I work with.

“Life will move on whether you die today, tomorrow or any other day. Life will still move on. God has His plans. Huwezianza kusema ati ule kijana anaride na nyota ya mtu mwingine si mtu mwingine angefanya hivyo bado mungesema tu. Binadamu wako hivyo whether you do good or bad, they will still talk,” he said

His friends and fans have however consoled him urging him not to lose hope.

“Pole sana bro for losing your account. Your TikTok account will grow again. Inshallah,” one told him.

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