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Milly Wa Jesus Shuts Fan Who Trolled Kabi For Sleeping With His Cousin

“Usisahau huyu Kijana alid*nya cousin yake na wakazaa,” a social media user has boldly told Milly Wa Jesus.

The mother of two was however unmoved by the comment and she frankly told the hater that her husband, Kabi wa Jesus, and his cousin are now raising their daughter.

“Na sasa wanalea,” she said.

Kabi Wa Jesus sired his daughter Abby with his cousin named Shiko in 2013. At the time he was neither married nor born again. Kabi also previously admitted that Shiko is not the only relative that he had an affair with.

“If not all, most of you here know what happened last year, and there was an incident of a cousin of mine coming out, and she was saying we slept together and had a child. And the reason, for me, before I got born again, this was not an issue, and she’s not the first one. I have slept with so many others, what are you talking about? Huyo mwenye alipata mimba sasa ndio mnajua,‚ÄĚ the father of three said in a sermon last year.

Recently Milly Wa Jesus opened up on how she feels about Abby. She said that she genuinely loves her and loves her interaction with her siblings.

“I really support my husband when it comes to supporting Abby. It has been a process for us merging the families, making her feel like she‚Äôs part of us and so far so good. I love how things are working and seeing Kabi spend time with his daughter. I love Abby interacting with my children and we really thank God,‚ÄĚ Milly said during an interview with Mungai Eve.



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