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“Acha Nikae Nilivyo” Why Stevo Simple Boy Can’t Date A Mumama

Stevo Simple Boy has dispelled claims that men can not survive in Nairobi without the help of rich and flashy older women, popularly known as Mumama or sugar mummies.

According to him, such women are using young men badly, and once they fall in their traps, their never have freedom to move on with their lives.

“I reject. Wamama are using youthful men badly. Once a Mumama gives you her money and buys you a car, you will never be free to leave,” he told his colleague who brought up the subject.

The rapper added that neither cars nor money can make him fall into the trap of dating a mumama.

“Let me be as I am,” he said, adding that he would rather be called ‘beb’ by women of his age than ‘My love’ by a mumama.

Stevo recently made a comeback on social media after ne month of playing low. He announced that he had opened new accounts, after failing to secure the previous ones from his former manager, who was demanding Kshs150,000 to surrender them.

“There is somebody who is withholding my accounts. I have tried following up the matter but it has become impossible. However, now I have new accounts and I am requesting for your support so that the new accounts can get a huge following,” he said in an official communication last week.

The former manager, Chingi Boy, previously said that he parted ways with Stevo, saying that managing him had proved cahllenging and painful.

“Kusaidia mtu hataki kujisaidia pia ni ngumu. Utasaidia mtu ukiumia yeye ako tu sawa. Napigwa vita na familia na bibi ya mtu aah nimechoka kukanyaga mwiba, uchungu umezidi, nina quit ndio manake,” Chingi Boy said.

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