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“His Son Spoke Rubbish. Was He There When The Chopper Crashed?” Miguna Angrily Slams General Ogolla’s Son Joel

Miguna Miguna has called out Joel Rabuku Omondi Ogolla, the son of the late Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) Francis Ogolla, over the remarks he made at his father’s funeral.

Speaking during an interview with Obinna, Miguna faulted Joel’s speech which he said was against accepted Luo culture and traditions.

“His children spoke a bunch of rubbish. That boy does not know what he was talking about. Joel, his son, complete rubbish. You cannot say, and this one speaking even as a Luo, you cannot say there is any Luo man who says bury me within 72 hours, bury me naked, don’t eat at my funeral, what rubbish is that? How was this boy raised?” Miguna posed.

Adding that; “He had no authority to speak about the burial of his father, traditionally. He should have kept quiet and gone back to Nairobi.”

Miguna further faulted Joel for claiming that the helicopter accident that claimed the life of his father was accidental.

“And there is no way as a son you can rule your father’s death as accidental. Was he there? Let this thing be investigated professionally. I don’t like the fact that the military are investigating it. What if he was killed by a fellow military man? What if his deputy killed him? What if other military people killed him? What if the military want to cover it? There should be no question that cannot be asked, we need to ask all the questions and they all need answers,” Miguna said.

Joel angered a section of Kenya when he claimed that President William Ruto was not at a crossroads when he appointed his father to the top security job.

Speaking during a memorial service in Siaya County on April 21, 2024, Joel alleged that Ruto was not coerced into appointing Ogolla and the job was secured solely based on competence.

“The President didn’t have to appoint him first of all and initially he saw his competencies and decided that this is the man for the job,” he said while paying tribute.

Joel added that shortly after entering office, his late father formed an airtight camaraderie with Ruto and his deputy Rigathi Gachagua as they worked closely with the mission of achieving a formidable security system in the nation.

“Very quickly they became friends and started forming a serious chemistry which he would tell me ‘I have had a very good meeting with the boss. And it’s not the president alone, the deputy president as well,” he said.

Joel also claimed that Ruto’s teary moment on during the state funeral at Ulinzi Grounds in Nairobi on April 20 was genuine while members of the public said that the president’s tears were feigned.

“I saw you holding your eyes and people said those were crocodile tears in my heart from what I know, it was genuine,” Joel said.

Ruto had on multiple occasions claimed that General Ogolla tried to overturn his win in the August 2022 presidential election.

Ogolla and Ruto were thought to be at crossroads and many even claimed that the President had a hand in the general’s death.

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