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Christina Shusho Breaks Silence On Controversies Surrounding Her Divorce

In the recent days, Christina Shusho has been making headlines after explaining why she  separated from her husband.

In an interview, Shusho said that she made the decision to fulfil God’s calling.

‚ÄúLet me be candid, I have always been truthful and do not deceive. The truth is that it‚Äôs a mission. There is nothing else. The mission that God has assigned me in this season does not allow me to remain where I was. I had to depart to fulfil the assignment,‚ÄĚshe opened up.

Following her revelation, her husband, a reverend, also broke his silence on the matter.

“To reach a new level, you must face some challenges to prepare you for what is to come. You cannot triumph without entering a tribulations. New level, new devil, new glory,” he told his congregants.

Considering the direction that the matter was taking, Christina Shusho released a statement, addressing her followers and journalist, on Sunday.

“Dear Fellow Journalists and Fans in General I would like to take this opportunity to set some things straight. I know you have many questions from the interviews I did in 2020 and another in 2022. Let me just say that I will answer all these questions fully soon and the truth will be known,” she stated.

Shushu added that, “People who use my name or my pictures online to spread false information and insult others: This matter is legal and I have faith that appropriate measures will be taken because the lawyers and the relevant authorities have all the information.”

She further vowed to speak about her marital issues at the right time.

“When the Day of Talking comes, I will talk about Marriage so that the Truth will be known instead of people spreading information that they do not have the details of. I believe the Truth always sets a person free. I ask for your patience while this issue continues to be worked on,” the gospel singer further stated.

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