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Jackie Matubia Claps Back At Haters Claiming Her Outfit Strained Her Breasts

Actress Jackie Matubia is facing criticism over the outfit she wore for the premier of season 3 of Bridgerton in South Africa.

Many noted that the measurements for her burst were not correct because her breasts appeared to have been strained and pressed in the outfit..

“Matiti zinataka kuingia kwa mdomo,” an Instagram user commented on the photos of Matubia donning the outfit.

“The dress is so beautiful but the tailor should have taken the correct measurements for the burst. I come in peace,” another said.

“Hayo matiti yanaonyesha huruma…,” yet another netizen claimed.

Following the overwhelming messages, Jackie didn’t take the comments lying down, brushing off Kenyans for being clueless about styling.

“Weeeh, matiti zangu na wivu zinafanya mfungue pseudo. Peweni drip ya pressure because I applied the pressure the it is supposed. Na Mungu akiamua ameamua. For the ones cheering me thank you so much. Nawalombotove,” the mother of two said.

She further shared a post from her designer who revealed that the outfit was made after a thorough research was carried out. The designer admitted that everything on the outfit was intentional.

“What my designer said!Africanfabricke naskia wanasema ati hukuchukua measurements poa za matiti. Please come teach Kenyans about styling,” she captioned the post.

The third season of Bridgeton, a Tv series,  was launched on May 4, with African stars like Cate Actress, Amina Abdi, Matubia among others present

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