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Netizens Go Wild As Diana Marua Opens About Dating 2 Boyfriends At The Same Time As Bahati Listens

In a recent interview, Diana Marua opened up about her past, sharing some surprising details that left her fans shocked and with mixed feelings.

She talked about being in a relationship with two men at the same time, one from overseas and the other in Kenya.

Diana Marua confessed that her boyfriend abroad would send her money for rent, and she would tell her local boyfriend about it. Surprisingly, he was okay with it, and they used the money to pay their rent.

She revealed that during video calls with her overseas boyfriend, her local partner would discreetly step aside while they flirted, without him knowing.

Diana also opened up about different kinds of relationships and marriages claiming to each their own.

This isn’t the first time Diana has shared parts of her past that got mixed reactions from netizens. She previously talked about her partying lifestyle, going to clubs from Thursday to Monday, and not going to church.

She also admitted to dating rich men in the past for financial stability.

Bahati, who joined the conversation, joked about picking Diana up from her late night outings during their dating days, where she would pretend to be sober for him.

Diana reminisced about her past, saying her life before meeting Bahati was different.

She used to go on road trips and date wealthy men to have a comfortable life.

Bahati and Diana have been open about their personal lives, giving their fans a peek into their world.

Diana’s revelation about dating for financial security might have surprised some, but it’s a part of her past she’s willing to share. Even when Bahati noticed her changing cars frequently, Diana didn’t shy away from explaining her past experiences.


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