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“Uko Na Ma Tea Tea Poa!” Thirsty Pastor Kanyari Finally Finds Love On TikTok

“Aki wewe ni mrembo! Uko na ma-tea-tea kubwa poa, naweza lala hapo?” Kanyari tells a lovely lady live on TikTok.

Pastor Victor Kanyari, known for his controversial ways, has surprised his congregation by embracing TikTok in unusual ways. The preacher, famous for his money-making antics, has taken the popular social media platform with a storm.

In a series of live sessions, Pastor Kanyari blends gospel messages with his pursuit of s3x, love, wealth, captivating the attention of millions on TikTok.

His Church members were left in shock as they witnessed their pastor venturing into the world of viral videos and online fame, sounding all thirsty and lost when he engages female fans.

For years, Pastor Kanyari has been synonymous with controversy, particularly regarding his dubious money-making schemes. From questionable miracles to financial exploitation, he has been at the center of numerous scandals therefore TikTok is just child’s play to him.

However, his latest move onto TikTok has raised eyebrows even further. Kanyari told a fan that he was feeling her and wouldn’t mind spending time on her huge bust.

The allure of TikTok’s millions and fame seem to have enticed Pastor Kanyari, prompting him to try his hand at the platform’s viral trends saying just anything Nyako style to trend.

Netizens are now wondering if people in his Church still believe in him and his preaching.

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