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Mary Njoki Lands Job And Business After Tattooing Mike Sonko On Her Thayos

“Tattoo kwa thigh!” Mike Sonko has offered Mary Njoki a job and promise to open her a 200K business in Murang’a.

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko made headlines when he offered a job and financial assistance to Mary Njoki, a woman who tattooed his face on her thigh.

Sonko shared the encounter on his social media, expressing surprise at meeting the woman in person.

The woman, identified as a resident of Murang’a, caught Sonko’s attention when he noticed her near the “RSC” as he left court. Curious about her background, Sonko asked about her education level, to which she revealed she had completed primary education up to Class 8. She did not proceed to high school due to lack of fees.

Despite her limited formal education, the woman expressed her willingness to work in any available job.

Sonko inquired about her business ideas. She mentioned an interest in starting a boutique business in Murang’a but lacked the capital needed, approximately 200,000 Kenyan shillings.

Moved by her determination, Sonko promised to help her establish the boutique business.

He encouraged her to be cautious about family planning or using protection during intimate relationships, considering she already has two children.

Sonko pledged to provide her with 100,000 shillings worth of stock to kickstart her business.

In the meantime, he offered her a job as a cleaner in his office, ensuring she would have a steady income to support herself and her family.


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