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“You Are Talking To A Rock” Sanaipei Finally Breaks Silence On Pregnancy Rumors

Towards the end of February, social media was awash with rumors that singer Sanaipei Tande was expecting her first child

A section of netizens were left disappointed, others surprised as others hoped that she would address the rumors.

In an interview with Lynn Ngugi, Sanaipei however said that she wouldn’t respond to the allegations as it was her personal life.

“As recently as last week when I was impregnated by Twitter (now known as X). What is that? Just a random chick decided to wake up and say Sanaipei is expecting. A. That’s what she said. Everybody’s picked up on it and asking me is it true, is it not. I don’t know why after 20 years people have not learn that I will not share my personal information.

“So even as they ask me, you are talking to a rock. I am not going to respond. And it’s died off. I mean it was last week, now there is something else. You move on, as long as you know deep down in your heart that this is not your truth, it shouldn’t bother you,” she said.

Sanaipei was addressing the issue of cyber bulling and how she had adapted to it over the years.

According to her, during her initial years in the limelight, she would be affected by trolls. Right now, she says, she had adapted and nothing negative that is said about her gets into her.

“When I was 19, when I first came into the industry, I thought everything was black and white but then I learnt from being behind the scenes, that that oh my goodness, people just really create their own stuff. They can fabricate a whole story. So back then there was a lot of fear. I thought everything was black and white. Then I come and figured out that people just create stories, or try and get you in a picture, in a compromising situation and then they blow up the whole thing,” she said.






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