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“I Felt like It Was A Huge Burden” Betty Kyallo Speaks After Her First TV Show In Four Years

4 years after taking a break from the screens Betty Kyallo eventually made her come back, airing her first show on TV 47 on Friday May 10, 2024.

Speaking about the experience of being on the screen after the long break, Betty said that it felt so good but it was also extremely overwhelming.

“Guys we did it OMG I can’t believe it! It was so crazy being on that stage in a new stage in the studio I can’t believe it. For years it felt like I had gone to the States for a tour and now I’m back it feels so good everything is extremely overwhelming.

“I cannot even keep track of everything that was happening everything was trending we were trending as a show my TV station TV 47 was trending I appreciate everything. Actually when I started the show it felt like a huge Burden when everything started I was like am I doing this is it time?” the mother of one shared on her Insta stories.

Earlier in the week, Betty says she had contemplated postponing her return on the screen to the following week.

“I was asking everybody do I need to go live this Friday? Do I still have  it? I still have it and it was so good I am happy,” she said.

Controversial Mumjas East MP Peter Salasya was her first guest on the show.

Betty joyfully announced that she would be joining TV47 on May 3, something that excited her fans with congratulation messages pouring in in plenty.

“After close to 4 years. I’m back. TV47 is now my home. I can’t wait to see you my lovely audience. This is my favourite stage! Yaaaay! See you soon. 😘 The Show is “This Friday With Betty” Big Surprises coming. Grateful to God. Mwaaaaah!” She said.

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