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Khalif Kairo Fakes Break Up With Cera Imani To Chase Clout

Automobile businessman Khali Kairo with his girlfriend Cera imani have been making headlines in the past few weeks.

Netizens targeted the couple because of Imani’s dirty past, with Kairo coming out to defend her, indicating that nothing would shake up the love they feel for each other.

On Friday evening, Kairo however decided to do a social experiment on human behaviour and reverse psychology by claiming that his girlfriend had decided to end their relationship because of people’s bullying.

“Btw niliwachwa. Am very depressed. Am not eating, am extremely sad, i have lost everything and i can‚Äôt even access my account or companies. Tommorow i will jump off a cliff, ” he wrote on X attracting mixed reactions, with most of them believing that it was all false.

“My life has come to a stop, i won‚Äôt drive my cayenne, ride my bike, fly planes, travel the world, everything is gone. She was my entire worldBana, mnajuanga mm ni nani kweli ama mnanionanga tu izi streets?” Kairo went on in a separate tweet.

In another tweet, he said that people are obsessed about him and Imani. He noted that when he posts her, they find it a problem and the same applies when he doesn’t.

“Sawa sikuachwa, I was chasing clout. Sasa tumemaliza io storyGoodnight KOX,” he further wrote.

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