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Eric Omondi Announces When He Will Launch His Ark, Reveals Number Of People It Will Carry

Eric Omondi will soon be launching his ark, that will be used for rescuing flood victims in various parts of the country.

Speaking with YouTube video creators, the comedia¬† said that he was inspired to build the water vessel due to the government’s unpreparedness for the long rains.

The rains have hit the country since March, leaving thousands homeless and also claiming lives of over 200 people.

“My inspiration of building the Ark is the unpreparedness of William Ruto’s government. We have all seen the government has no plan no idea of whether it will rain today or tomorrow and that’s why people are dying my ark will be finished on Tuesday I will invite you to come for the launch it is in Athi River, on Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. I will send Media invites,” Omondi said.

He also revealed the number of people that the ark would carry, adding that those bashing him will get to see its use, once it starts to rain.

“The Ark can carry 213 people. People laughed at Noah when he was building his Ark.¬† When Noah was building the ark¬† people thought he was an idiot until it started raining.

“Today people are laughing at Eric omondi it reminds me of Noah, they said¬† the rain is yet to start you will see the ark,” Omondi said.

He also denied claims that God was punishing Kenyans with the heavy rains and that the country needed prayers.

According to him, it is the government that is punishing its people as it was warned about the heavy rains by the meteorological department three months ago.

“They knew let us not blame God this is as a result of inadequate preparedness and its and government in competence,” Omondi said.

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