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Ivy Namu: To Be Honest I Was Afraid To Date Willis Raburu Because Of His Divorce 

Content creator Ivy Namu found herself thrust into the public eye four years ago amid swirling rumors of a romance with renowned media personality Willis Raburu.

As speculation mounted, Raburu and Namu eventually confirmed their relationship, stepping into the spotlight together.

In a recent interview, Namu opened up about the impact of her relationship with Raburu on her life.

Initially hesitant due to the public scrutiny surrounding Raburu’s divorce, Namu admitted to feeling apprehensive about entering into a high-profile romance. However, she embraced the journey with resilience, supported by loved ones who knew her truth.

“To be honest, I was afraid to date Willis because his divorce was in the public domain. Again, I feel like God got back at me because I knew what I was getting myself into. I was prepared since the people who mattered to me knew my truth and I didn’t need to defend myself, so I fell in love and the rest is history.

“I would say I have learnt the value of privacy. When you are not in public, you take for granted the fact that you can walk anywhere and do anything and nobody cares. I had to learn to be keen about everything I say on social media, what I post and even how I react because it is no longer about just me and my family anymore. Now, when I go somewhere and nobody takes a picture of me, that is a good day for me,” Namu said.

Navigating the newfound attention, Namu highlighted the importance of privacy, acknowledging the need for caution in her public interactions.

With heightened visibility, she learned to be mindful of her words, actions, and social media presence, recognizing the far-reaching implications of her public persona.

“My privacy was compromised and even now I have had to consciously reduce the number of pictures I post with my children, even though I am very proud of them and I like posting pictures of them. I am always afraid that tweeps may attack. But that space has also allowed me to experience a lot of love and support from people I don’t even know,” she said.

Willis Raburu got into a relationship with Ivy Namu after his marriage to Marya Prudence Ngami hit rock bottom.

Marya and Raburu lost their daughter in January 2020 after experiencing complications during labour and had a stillbirth.

The loss of their unborn child caused friction which ultimately caused their marriage to crumble.

Marya and Raburu separated in early 2020 moments after the couple lost their unborn child.

The couple are reported to have been having issues even during the early days of the pregnancy as Marya Prude accused the TV Citizen TV presenter of stepping out.

Marya later moved out of their marital home to a new house along Kiambu road in Thindigua area and the 10 over 10 show presenter then moved in with his father.

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