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Robert Burale Opens Up On Being Molested By A Househelp

City preacher and motivational speaker Robert Burale has opened up on his dark past that he only overcame when he was 35 years old.

In a YouTube conversation recently, Burale revealed that when he was young, he was molested by their househelp.

At the time, he was in Primary School and he never opened up about his misfortune to anyone because he felt threatened by the househelp

“I was molested by our house help. You can imagine not being able to tell anybody. At Primary I was already experiencing stuff men in their 50’s should not be experiencing,”¬† Burale said.

“I was feeling threatened by the house help, I would go to the dining room and would see her looking at me.”

He added that the encounter was just devil’s plan yo hinder his success.

“As a kid anyone older than you has the power to kill you. I dealt with that issue when I was over 35. That was a plan by the devil to make sure I did not succeed. Healing comes after the anger,” he noted.

The preacher is known for sharing strong opinions about social issues and marriage.

In an Instagram post recently, he encouraged parents against pampering their children too much and instead let them face the tough side of life for example the kinds of food they feed them.

” Yes I no growing up we didn’t enjoy bacon and weetabix everyday. This should not make us feed our children on sausages, bacon, mapochopocho every day to compensate our lack when growing up. We should not raise cerelac children.

“Kids eating bacon everyday with freshly squeezed mango juice while playing on the ipad, wacha wakule kangumu saa zingine,” Burale said.

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