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“Lazy A$$es!” Vera Sidika Slams Gen Zs Asking Older Celebrities To Retire

Vera Sidika did not keep calm when a netizen shared what seemed to be  a mean comment.

The netizen claimed that celebrities , who have been in the industry for long, should step aside to give chance to the next generation.

“This aging celebrities should rest now, next gen,” the social media claimed while reacting to news that Kate Actress would be attending the state dinner at the Whitehouse and luncheon at Tyler Perry’s studios.

Vera said that such comments disgust her, adding that no one rested for people like her to gain fame and success.

“Why do people think others rested so that we could get space in the industry? Nobody will leave space for nobody. You push your way in. Gen Z always complaining claiming, ‘Oooh they are too old now they need to rest.’ Rest for who? Should we turn down deal and money because of Gen Z? Nobody is saying Gen Z should’t get bread,” the mother of two stated on her Insta stories.

She added that instead of them complaining, they should be working hard enough.

“These streets ain’t for the weak. It’s hard work that separate people and nobody should ever need to to rest to accommodate anyone,” Vera said.

“Y’all get lazy a$$es up and work. Success waits for nobody, Stop this narrative A beg,” she noted, urging people to use their 24 hours in a day wisely.

“We all have the same 24 hours in a day. Y’all waiting for someone to spoon feed you success,” she laughed off.

Vera went ahead to congratulated Kate saying that it was just the beginning.

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