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Risper Faith Reveals Plans to Undergo Boob Surgery with Amber Ray

In a jaw-dropping confession, Kenyan socialite Risper Faith has revealed that she is planning to undergo a boob surgery alongside her friend and fellow influencer Amber Ray.

The beauty entrepreneur, who has already undergone liposuction and gastric sleeve surgery, made the shocking announcement at the launch of Phoina Tosha’s new clinic, where she was joined by Amber Ray.

Faith, who has built a reputation as a fierce advocate for skin lightening products, claimed that men in Nairobi are drawn to light-skinned women with surgically enhanced bodies. She even went as far as to suggest that women who don’t conform to these standards are unlikely to attract men.

“Men love light skin women. Just go to a club and sit with a friend. See who they will talk to,” she said in an interview with Kalondou Musyimi. “I sell skin lightening products and as a digital marketer, I believe women must fix their flaws to attract men who are only drawn to light skin, and surgically enhanced women.”

Faith, who has already undergone several cosmetic procedures, revealed that she will be undergoing a boob surgery in the near future. However, she is waiting for a year to heal from her latest surgery before going under the knife again.

“I have a few more kilos to lose, but after September I am allowed to do any surgery I want. We are doing together, big secret – Amber Ray – We are doing at the same place, twin bo0bies,” she said.

The decision to undergo cosmetic surgery has sparked controversy among fans of the two influencers, with many taking to social media to express their shock and disbelief at the announcement.

While some have praised Faith for being open and honest about her plans, others have criticized her for promoting unrealistic beauty standards and encouraging young women to undergo unnecessary procedures.

As the debate continues to rage on, one thing is clear – Risper Faith and Amber Ray are set to take their beauty obsession to new heights.

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